Backstage with G-Eazy, my next album and more Milwaukee gems. What more could yew ask for?


Whats good baes

The end of Summer is damn near upon us. I hope yall have been able to get your cheeks tan or do whatever it is yew like to do when it’s hot&sunny. I’m all moved back to Oshkosh now, but I will continue to record the next album titled “Problems” in Milwaukee with Charles “Mammyth” Forsberg. ‘Problems” is going to sound very different from any of my previous work. “Problems” will basically be about the daily struggles we all go through, whether it’s relationship struggles, money problems, being lied to or stole from, insecurities, etc. I am doing this not only for me, but for everyone else who struggles with their problems every day. It’s okay to ask for help. Writing, recording and listening to these song is very much therapy for me. I can’t wait until it’s all done and ready to share with the world. I love yew guys.

As per usual lets get to my talented homies.

Yew all know my infatuation with Milwaukee. Ar Wesley is just another one of the city’s gems. He recently dropped a very cinematic music video that he let me be apart of 🙏. I play a hotel manager/bellhop that gets dragged into a raging hotel shindig. Also be mindful the message the song holds. The song features Lilo Allen’s beautiful voice with production by Mike Regal. Effect 3 was shot and edited by Milwaukee videographer Luke Marlowe.

Earlier  this month I stumbled upon an amazing artist by the name of Rachel Hughes. She was an artist at a music and art benefit event my good friend John and I host. She is from Milwaukee and she definitely reps her set through her artistic vision (peep her PBR artwork.) The Pabst art is just a very small part of her catalogue though. Check it all out below and connect with Rachel Hughes on facebook and her gorgeous website:


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Another quick shout to the homie Gerald aka G-Eazy. He allowed some friends and I back stage at Summer Set Music Festival last Sunday. Even though I ended up breaking my arm later that night, I still would say Summer Set was dope. G let myself, D. Bridge and Cali G mobb on the stage with him in front of thousands of people for his final song, I Mean It. It definitely motivated me to keep working on my craft. s/o yung gerald.

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If yew haven’t, go check out my latest single “Divide” featuring D’amato. That should hold yew 0ver until my next video “Knock Knock, Bang Bang” drops. Link provided below. Please comment and share if yew like what yew have read. Thanks for your time. I love yew guys!!

SB kea

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