The Power of Thank You

Readers, friends and family, hello again.

Yew know what the best currency is besides actual currency? “Thank you.”

In many cases “thank you” could also be the BEST thing yew give to another person. As an artist and a former CNA, I have always loved when someone would thank me for something I have done. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping others regardless. Hearing those two words just makes it that much more worth it. Although a “thank you” is never expected in this day-and-age, I always appreciate the gesture. I always remember people who say “thank you.” “Thank you” is so universal. Showing appreciation is free and it takes such little time.

Why do so many people have an ego? Why do so many people go through life expecting good to just happen to them? I can’t really answer those questions myself, but one thing I do know is this. From being humble and appreciative to others, they in return have done the same to me. I know, big surprise right? Lessons we are taught at a young age (or should be) are often let go and lost in your personal evolution. To those reading and  thinking “why did he make this post? This stuff is obvious.” Well, one thing I have learned from connecting with all kinds of artists and people over the last few years is that people far too often overlook services and acts of kindness. I’m writing this to help yew with your own career. The power of “thank you” can build business relationships and real friendships.

Say “thank you” more often. Once yew realize relationships are worth more than actual currency then yew will truly be wealthy.

Back to the music thing. My brother from North Carolina, Zane Alexander, has dropped some new music I am incredibly thankful for. He was even featured on In Flex We Trust! Check out “The New Wave.”


Thanks again for reading friends. I enjoy connecting with each and everyone of yew.

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Stay blessed, I appreciate yew all. Have a good day if yew can help it.


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