The New Year Didn’t Make You Change

Happy 2016 to all my readers!

We have had a whole year & a few days to reflect on our 2015. Did you like the 2015 version of you? Did you do everything you wanted to last year? I know I didn’t, but that’s okay. Reflecting is something I always like to do, for it is essential. I look back at my 2015 – boy, was it a roller coaster. I definitely didn’t give you guys the content I would have liked to, but I learned A LOT about myself in the past year. Knowing myself and being real with myself will allow me to create the best music I can for you guys. I live to connect with people. It truly amazes me how much I change every year. My thoughts, my views, my art and even my friends.

To your old friends who have told, “you have changed” – Good, something was holding one, or both of you back. If it was meant to be, it will come back around. (Don’t hold your breathe) If you are doing something productive and they don’t approve, they are probably jealous of what you have going for you. Real ones will know sacrifice comes with a productive lifestyle. Fake friends will fade. Real friends will support – even if it’s from a distance.

In 2015, I fell in & out of love for the very first time. It was great. I had never been more happy with my personal life, but it definitely clouded my creative side. When it all came to an end I was in a lot of pain. An overwhelming sadness from losing a close friend. Not really by my choice either. Getting over that hump was something that changed me for the absolute better. While going through that tough time people would always tell me to write a song about how I was feeling, but that’s not the way I work. Let me be sad, yo. Let me keep my head down for a while. Eventually, time healed that wound. Getting over that hump changed my outlook on going through hard times. Getting through that break-up, made me, a better me.

What I learned and how I changed – I never really had to think about this until it happened. Don’t try to understand why people do the things they do. It will drive you crazy. For me, I never thought about the person I was with changing mid-relationship, but that is a very real possibility. Especially at my age. Don’t hold it against anyone. Holding grudges and holding in pain gives you headaches. I have become more accepting at what life has given me. Just move on – but be aware – warning, that’s easier said than done.

Although my circle has changed, it’s changed for the better. The law of attraction has never hit me harder. I have built several key relationships that have definitely guided me through the hard times. I would say most of my friends now are older than I am by couple years. I didn’t necessarily “look” for older friends, but those who are hunting for the same success that I seek, happen to be older. The cool thing about older people is that they most likely have made some mistakes. The real ones will pay it forward and provide you with wisdom so you don’t make those same mistakes. You need to listen. Humans have 2 ears & 1 mouth; listen twice as much as you speak. Although, I still need to work on my listening; I have become a much better listener this year. I would say exponentially over the last 3 years lol. To a few of my closest friends in this music thing – Mike Regal,  Sean Smart, originalvision, John “Mozaic” Schaeffer, thank you guys. With each of you, I have had real conversations that have provided me with clarity, y’all rock. To all the older artists in the Oshkosh area – Thank you.  Much love to all of you.

To my family – I love you guys. All of you. Thanks for standing by me and loving me no matter what.

Last but not least, I will address the name change. I am not Scumbag Kea anymore. I am simply Keag. A name I have been called since high school. Building the brand as Scumbag Kea was fun and exciting. It fit the crazy-wild lifestyle I was living at the time, but it was never built for the long haul. You see, change is inevitable and for me to keep that name, but put out more conscious content would appear to be a complete oxymoron. I wanted more symmetry with my content and the name. Keag is me. With that being said, I hope you can relate and plug yourself into these paragraphs.

Let us all have a have an amazing 2016. Problems, the next LP will be out this year. Look for that next single before the month is over. The New Year didn’t changhe you, you did.

Love, Keag.


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