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First things first –  Anything is possible. As an artist, wait scratch that, as a HUMAN, this should always be your attitude. Obviously life happens to everyone. We all experience ups and downs, as we should! The hard part is staying focused through the tough times. I have definitely had my vision convoluted before. It’s not something yew realize is even happening. That is why planning and reflecting is so essential when you’re on a mission. Developing a “why” is very key, especially if yew ever find yourself questioning why you’re doing what you’re doing. Your “why” should always provide clarity and be your anchor that focuses yew back to the mission. If your “why” begins to fade, reflection is necessary. Perhaps yew need to go back to the drawing board. As for going back to the drawing board, don’t be ashamed. Be happy yew have become enlightened.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the rapper G-Eazy over the last few years. Wow, yew talk about growth over the last year, but his recent super stardom definitely was not earned overnight. Each show I have been to since I have known him has progressively gotten better than the next – – across the board. He used to tour in a Ford Explorer, now he World Tours with a few tour buses. His energy is transcending, something I think he has always had. The show production is captivating. From seeing him at a small venue in Chicago, (where everything was definitely minimal) to seeing him sell out the Target Center in Minneapolis, all I can say is that progression is real. What ever it is yew aspire to do, do it! We only get one crack at this thing called life.

SOLD OUT! video courtesy of Kyle Joseph Videography

Check out G in Chicago here. Super nice recap done by Dan Garcia of TER

Progression has been  all around me! A big shout out to my peers & friends that I have seen so much growth in such a short period of time. Alex Belville of Mirrorless Productions – The passion this guys has is unmatched. He is only getting better behind the mic & camera lens! WebsterX of NAN – I remember meeting this guy at a benefit show I threw, he headlined the event. He has only made moves that propel him forward since! Most recently landing on Complex’s Top 20 artists to watch – HUGE.

Lately, I have been writing, and setting up a plethora of shows over these next couple months. One of my favorite things about creating and making music is all the places on the map music can take you. Most recently, my friends Mike Regal & Mozaic rocked a show up in Marquette, MI. It was very cold and very icey, but the people were warm and it was a dope experience. Much love to Jeremy and his whole squad for having us!

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More sounds from Problems are coming very soon. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for reading.

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