Running from my past just to chase a present

Hello all,

I have so much going on behind the scenes with music and I love being busy with that. I also like opening up to you all, so you can get a grasp of where my music is coming from.

Growing up, I was always embarrassed of where I lived, the clothes I wore & even the car my dad drove. I never felt like I fit in, EVER. I always worked really hard on conforming to society. I ran from what made me, ME…….

Then I found music at the age of 20.

When I say music saved my life, I really mean it. Music has really taught me to accept myself, for who I am. Music has taught me to love myself and those I hold close. Music has taught me how to be an overall better person. Music is my one of the things in my life I truly love. When you can be passionate about something you love, life gets that much better.

Applying the title to this article, I used to run from my past before I found music. I didn’t want people to know where I lived. I would often spend every nickel I had on things and materials, just to fit in. This is no way to live. Be you and love yourself. Find people that love you for you. When you love what you do, people who share that mutual passion will gravitate towards you. Don’t just look for “whats cool.” My “present” is expressing myself and creating relatable content. Perhaps, I will make a living off of this one day. Making a living off of music would truly be a gift.. Or a present. The present time is something we should always be aware of. There is nothing like “now.” You can’t redo “now” and you definitely can’t re-live a memory…. (yet).

Keeping this stuff short. Try different things as much as you can and don’t stop until you find what makes you happy. Most importantly, don’t be ashamed of what makes you, YOU.

Say I love you to those you love & be passionate about what you do. Don’t run from your past.. embrace it.

Now, apply what I’m saying to YOUR life. What are you passionate about? For me, music is my passion. Now fill in that blank for yourself.

My passion is__________. Now, dive into that passion. Don’t look back. You only have one shot at this thing called LIFE.

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